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What is upholstery?

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Upholstery is the materials and the skills involved—which include fabric, padding, webbing, and springs—that make up the soft coverings of chairs, sofas, and other furniture. The process began in the Middle Ages and grew in popularity during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Over the years, a wide variety of materials have been used, from hay to horsehair to wool. Modern upholstered items use metal springs and foam for greater durability. While the interior materials may not be visible, they make a big difference in whether the piece is comfortable . And though fabric can always be changed—and may need to be, depending on wear and tear—choosing high-quality inner layers will help make sure the piece will last for years to come.

Why is upholstery important?

Fabric creates a first and lasting impression on people, so it’s essential that it looks perfect. A respectable upholsterer uses traditional techniques and materials to create unique and superior furniture. Upholstery is a skill mostly forgotten and left unpracticed because of the introduction of modern materials, a lack of skills and modern consumerism.

Collards has decades of experience in both reupholstery and bespoke upholstery. Sometimes, customers just want the top fabric replaced, which can be relatively straightforward, but depends on the quality of the original construction and this is called recovering. On other occasions, a seat may need some additional attention, for example, to repair damage as it has ‘collapsed’,and this is called reupholstery. More and more customers are looking for that unique, bespoke piece of furniture which will fulfil their needs or fit that nook in their sitting room. Collards can offer not only the best craftsmanship, but experience and understanding to help you with your latest interiors project.

Corner sofa in bright and modern house, with matching chaise.
Corner sofa and chaise.

Collards takes pride in creating stand out quality pieces of furniture.

What makes us fine upholsterers?







Empathy, all towards our clients requirements .

If the piece of furniture is not good enough to go in to our home then why should we expect it to go in to yours?

Collards Upholstery's reputation is linked to client happiness and satisfaction.

Without this reputation, Collards Upholstery could not exist.

Blue leather swivel chair.
Leather desk chair.

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